Breeding Dogs 101

Breeding Dogs 101

In life there is always a first time in everything and the best dog breeders today were originally beginners just like you. Don’t be discouraged by the challenges that you’re bound to encounter since if you are determined, you too can become a successful breeder, and whose to say, you could become extremely popular in the breeding profession.

You have to admit – breeding is really challenging especially for newbies since they need to spend cash, time, and do a great deal of work. One must never plunge into something which they barely have any knowledge about, so the key here is reading, research and more investigation. As you can see, you must carry out lots of research regarding breeding and when you’re equipped with the right know-how, you need to talk to an expert breeder. Visit his facilities and see how matters are accomplished and through this you will feel the actual breeding experience.

Now, if you begin using a bitch, she must be about twenty-four months of age as this is the perfect time to start breeding since the female is already capable to take care of pups. Ensure your female is licensed and the best in her breed so she shouldn’t possess any genetic faults or health issues.

After finding your bitch, you need to find a stud and while there are some for sale most may be used for a a price. Trustworthy and popular breeds are expensive however if you wish to produce decent looking pups, then you must opt for the seasoned studs so even if your friend has a stud, forget about it and get only the best. If, for example you check out the kennel club in your area, look for the certification of the dog and after clear arrangements, you can take your female to the stud for mating. This arrangement is much better so the owner of that stud may aid the mating process as first time females can be very tricky so you need professional help.

If you’re going to do it for personal reasons (i.e. to have more puppies at home or you want to give it to relatives), it’s a fine hobby. For people that want to engage in business, you need to secure a permit and in some areas, regulations call for breeders to get kennel licenses while in other states, they do not however to be safe, it is normally best to have a permit. You see, you can’t exactly tell if you’re going to encounter issues or not because if the neighbor whines about dogs barking at night, you’ll be fine if you’ve got a license but if you do not, you’re going to have issues.

So you see, being a dog breeding beginner it’s not as tough as it seems and it’s a rewarding experience. Witnessing adorable pups will truly make you glad and nothing beats seeing the thrilled faces of the new keepers of these pups as they exit your place. Again, learn as much as you possibly can on breeding since with the knowledge you obtain and with the help of experienced dog breeders and veterinarians, you’ll undoubtedly come through as a breeder of dogs.

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